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    2013 Wild Card Carnival - $3,000 Sponsorship + Win $500!

    ~ Join in the fun of the 2013 Wild Card Carnival ~

    US$3,000.00 SPONSORSHIP

    Beat those carousel horses going round and round as you race your virtual horses down the straight into the winner's circle in the US$3,000.00 Wild Card Races!

    Of the 4 Grade 1 and Grade 1 Low Maiden and Nursery Wild Card Races scheduled each day during the promotional period, 1 race per day will have a Wild Card Double Sponsorship!

    Sponsorship for 3 daily races will be US$50.00 each, while 1 daily race will have the double sponsorship of US$100.00, totaling US$250.00 sponsorship each day for the 12 days of the 2013 Wild Card Carnival.

    Enter the US$3,000.00 Wild Card Races!

    WIN US$500.00

    Every New Horse bought with Cash and raced in one or more of the Wild Card Races will get entered into the Draw to win one of 2 x US$250.00 Bonus Credits Prizes!

    Remember's permanent sales ring promotion gives you extra horses whenever you buy new horses with cash:
    Buy 5 horses Get 1 Free or Buy 10 horses Get 3 Free!

    Race New Cash Horses in Wild Card Races - Win US$500.00!

    Terms and Conditions apply