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    Update Your Outstanding Championship Interviews!

    In anticipation of interviewing the virtual horse racing community's latest Championship Series winners, we would like to update all outstanding championship interviews with trainers who have not submitted their completed interviews.

    Winning a Championship Series is the ultimate accomplishment that deserves to be acknowledged, recorded, and remembered till the end of time - and the virtual horse racing community loves reading about how top stables achieved their success.

    If you have not been featured nor received our emails requesting an interview for your Championship Series win/s then please complete the following questions and email them to the Member Support Team email address. Please just add your responses below the questions below.

    Subject line: Championship Interview.

    We will publish your interviews in the forums and also under your Stable page.

    [ Which Challenge Series race/s did you win?]

    [ What sparked your interest in virtual horse racing?]

    [ What do you look forward to most when playing on virtual horse racing?]

    [ How does playing on virtual horse racing compare to real horse racing?]

    [ Tell us about your first winner and your other top horses.]

    [ Tell us about your best win and why it meant so much.]

    [ List some of your top achievements.]

    [ What do you typically do before a big race?]

    [ Tell us about your most memorable moments on virtual horse racing.]

    [ What are your goals for your future racing on virtual horse racing?]

    [ What advice would you give to new virtual horse racing members?]

    [ Name the best horse, in your opinion, belonging to a fellow member.]

    [ What is your favourite real horse racing event?]

    [ Are you involved in real horse racing and if so in what capacity?]

    [ What are your goals for the future of your stable?]

    You are welcome to add any additional questions that you would like answer or include additional comments.

    We look forward to receiving your responses.

    The Team