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    49th Season Highlights
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    Click on the links in the image above for more information.

    Welcome to's 49th season of virtual horse racing!

    We know that you are going to try make this the best season ever - for yourself and your community. The best thing that you can do is by becoming the best trainer that you possibly can on because everyone loves a winner. There is something magical, even inspirational, when people see others succeeding in their goals. We want that for everyone!

    If you're a Rookie, Intermediate, Advanced, Elite, Master, Legendary, or Ultimate Stable, there is a unique place for you on If you are happy where you are on the leaderboards, then we are also happy, but if you want to improve your stable and rise up the leaderboards, then we are happy to help you too.

    There are plenty of racing opportunities for every player. Running a few Free Races never hurt anyone, while Graded Races offer as much entertainment as the next, but if you really want to increase the stakes, you want to enter the prestigious Championship Series. There's even a niche in Claiming Races and Rated Races. Each race appeals to different people, we just want you to know that you can race anywhere you like. It's quicker to climb up the leaderboards through more competitive races, but the best competition is when you're having fun!

    Admittedly, the most fun is when you're playing at your most competitive. Nobody has ever received an award for losing a race; and, let's face it: winning tastes sweet. So, keep an eye on your competition because they’re going to be watching you. Use the leaderboards to keep track of their progress - and your progress, and master the fine art of virtual horse racing. We know how competitive virtual horse racing is at, so we advise you to prepare to be your most competitive best!

    Just a final reminder before the new season; don't forget to buy your yearlings today because they really do give you the unfair advantage in your races, especially if you’re training them for the Maiden Challenge Series.

    An exciting new season is once again upon the virtual horse racing community.

    There are many highlights and milestones that people can tell you were most important to them, but the best ones are the ones that are most important to you, so we encourage you to follow your own path on and enjoy the ride.

    Click any of the leaderboard buttons if you need some inspiration - and saddle up for the virtual horse racing season of your life!

    The Team