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    50th Season Celebration!

    Enter the 50th Season Digiturf Celebration Races!

    Generally when one celebrates a birthday, anniversary, or a season, one might expect some gifts to celebrate the occasion, but the Race Programmer has decided to mark the 50th season of virtual horseracing on by gifting the community who has raced with us to the 50th milestone with a day of sponsored races.

    The last day of the season marks the start of the 51st season; but, while we’re technically only sweet sixteen in human years, we feel that you deserve gold for the celebration of’s 50th season!

    Back in 2001, we had no idea who would have faith in our dream of creating the best virtual horse racing game in the world. It was really just the Race Programmer and a handful of software developers who had believed that if they created an online platform for horse racing enthusiasts, those horse racing enthusiasts would come to share the dream. And share a dream we did. grew from being a two horse racing game. Ironically, the phrase ‘a two horse race’ can be traced back to when the RP swore he’d never program another two-horse race ever again. Eighty percent of programmed races were cancelled in the second season due to there being less than 2 runners. Today, grew to become a robust community that demanded second instances, consolation races, and even multi-grade sponsored WCD races. Two horse races are nowadays referred to as ‘Barrier Races’. Feel free to use them as you please because they are free.

    On the other hand, the Race Programmer wasn’t shy to charge for the pleasure of his largesse. There was nothing for nothing, and the word “Free” was anathema to the Race Programmer. There were no free registration credits, no free horses, no free silks, and hell would certainly freeze over before anyone even considered free races.

    The Tack Shop also attached a premium to their products and services. Gelding was a healthy US$15.00 while alumites could set you back US$5.00. Stabling fees weren’t capped or discounted either, so you either paid or prayed to keep your stable running. All horses were retired after their second season of racing until they were granted the gift of life extension. Fitness also increased from a minimum of 2% to a possible 6% - without vitamins!

    Fortunately the world of virtual horse racing went viral before going viral was even a thing. Trainers flocked from all corners of the globe to own, train, and race their own virtual horses for the ultimate challenge of winning prestigious races and lucrative stakes. The Championship Series has always been the crown jewel in’s crown. Who doesn’t want to be a champion at something – especially when it requires skill, wit, and strategy?’s Championship Series remains the gold standard against which other virtual horseracing games are measured. We don’t like to brag, but we also have the best members in the world who won’t settle for little ponies or pixelated ones!

    Trainers have often wanted to breed a (hypothetically) better horse, but the Race Programmer decided that even a second-rate geneticist would know that breeding virtual horses isn’t as simple as microwaving pop-corn.

    However, he was determined that the virtual horse racing community on would always be the leader in technological developments. Some of the earlier enhancements include a Race Program that was extended to be previewed up to seven days in advance and the introduction of the world’s first crypto-currency: Non-Refundable Bonus Credits.

    Conservatives predicted that these were signs of the Beast and that it was the end of the world as we know it. The Race Programmer still thinks so!

    There have been some incredible developments that certainly changed the lives of trainers forever as’s developers continued pushing the envelope to enhance every trainer’s virtual horse racing experience in terms of design, functionality and communication. Stables have been revamped to accommodate and train their horses en-masse. Auto-train and Auto-Nominate afforded more trainers time to appreciate their achievements and strategize for their future.

    While there have been some hits and misses along the way, we are thrilled that we’ve made it this far to celebrate the end / beginning of our 50th season of virtual horse racing with the people who make everything that we do so worthwhile. It gives us great pleasure to invite you to celebrate’s 50th season by inviting you to enter the 50th Season Digiturf races which have been sponsored with US$2,425.00 Bonus Credits.

    G1 Divisions Sponsored With US$50.00.
    G1 Low Sponsored With US$20.00.
    G2 Sponsored With US$10.00.

    All races running on the 30th November 2017!

    One day only!

    Quick Question: What would you like next from 50th Season Digiturf?
    It is almost Christmas, and we just might have a surprise for you?

    The Team