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#1 - Dec 01, 17 - 04:56
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    Congratulations to the Championship Winners!

    Congratulations to all the Championship Series winners - and a big thank youfor contributing to the success of this season. Thank you to all the contenders for adding to the competition on the Championship Series – it wouldn’t have been half as much of a challenge to win without you – or to watch!

    This season’s Championship Series winners are:

    Horse: Trainer (Championship)
    Fell View ~ Persian Abbey (Juvenile Sprint Championship C)
    WORLDWATER STABLES ~ Julia N Becca (Juvenile Sprint Championship F)
    Upthebaldies ~ Baldies Passion (Triple Crown Sprint Championship 3Y C)
    Ace Kid Farms ~ Roma Des Galaxia (Triple Crown Sprint Championship 3Y F)
    Roaddog Stables ~ Synthesize (Juvenile Classic Championship C - Gr1)
    Black Lotus ~ Gatlinburg (Juvenile Classic Championship F - Gr1)
    Chrisman ~ The Lassiters (Triple Crown Classic Championship 3Y C)
    Black Lotus ~ Aura Kingdom (Kentucky Derby Classic Championship 4-7Y C)
    Fell View ~ Divine Sacrament (Kentucky Fillies Classic Championship 4-7Y F)
    Ghozty ~ Headbutt (Juvenile Stayers Championship C)
    Upthebaldies ~ Upthebaldies (Juvenile Stayers Championship F)
    DoctorTurf ~ Pinoy Elixir (Triple Crown Stayers Championship 3Y C)
    Chrisman ~ Macka Lite (Triple Crown Stayers Championship 3Y F)
    Fell View ~ Elblakco (Arlington Gold Cup 4-7Y C)
    Chrisman ~ Macka Rayna (Arlington Gold Cup 4-7Y F)


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