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    Are You Ready For the Maiden Championships!

    Nothing gets a new season running faster than the Maiden Championships!

    Following the excitement of the Yearling Sales, Championship Series, and the WCD WFA races, trainers can always look forward to the excitement of the Maiden Championships to bridge the gap between the old season and the new season. They not only showcase the fastest two-year-olds of the season, they can offer you a glimpse of the season's Championship Series contenders. Regardless if you only have a fleeting interest in the championships or if you're gearing up for the full season, the Maiden Championships are your ticket to instant gratification and long-term rewards.

    Maiden Championships are the quickest way to kick-start the new season. They are the instant adrenaline rush competitive trainers need before and after the Championship Series. You have limited time to train, no idea what competition you may encounter, and they may even prove to be future champions in the seasonal Championship Series.

    Maiden Challenges Simplified
    Any G1 2Y horse is eligible.
    There’s no win requirement.
    Supplementary fees required.
    Run the same horse in 5 qualifiers - get US$50.00 bonus credits back.
    Winning all three Challenges doubles your earnings!’s Maiden Juvenile Challenge Finals run in the same way as the Seasonal Championship Series - only over 16 days. You need to earn enough points to qualify for the Maiden Challenge finals; alternatively you could compete in the consolation races.

    Enter the yearlings for the Maiden Championships today!

    The Team