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#1 - Mar 28, 18 - 15:51
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    Activate Your Automatic Stabling Fee (ASF) Deduction

    Please ensure that your Automatic Stabling Fee (ASF) Deduction is active at least one day before your race runs.

    Unfortunately once the finals have been declared, rejected horses cannot be re-inserted back into their races on race day (provided stabling fees are at least paid a day before the race, any rejected horses will be re-entered prior to race day). To avoid any disappointment simply ensure that you have sufficient credits to cover any outstanding fees, re-activate your ‘pending’ contenders and definitely select the Automatic Stabling Fee (ASF) deduction ASAP. Besides, you’d all rather be watching the finals than hearing about the runners that didn’t!

    Simply click: Horse’s name >> Horse Details >> Untick the Automatic Stabling Fee Deduction box under the Stabling Fee Settings >> Update.

    We don’t want anyone to miss their Championship Series because of a little oversight!

    Best wishes to all this season’s contenders!

    The Team