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#1 - Jul 28, 18 - 15:41
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    The second night of's Championship Series will reveal which horses are the champions over a classic distance.

    If last night's races were the fastest championships that you have ever seen, then tonight allows you to enjoy a gentler pace of racing; albeit no less competitive. These horses need to pace themselves to make it to the finish line without exhausting themselves to early in the race. Their trainers and jockeys will undoubtedly know where the fine line lies between conserving their horse's energy versus getting the ultimate finish out of their performance.

    These horses have distinguished themselves by making it into the finals and one can only expect to see great racing from each of them over their classic distances.

    Juvenile Classic Championship C - Gr1
    Carzoff (AUS) - Great Western Stable
    Orki Des Perentia - Polish Stables
    Sir Shawn - Ace Kid Farms
    Baby Face Nelson - Ghozty
    Keyser Soze (AUS) - Great Western Stable
    Stunt Man Eddie - Leitrim Vale
    Boar War - kayTee Stable
    Baldies Platinum - Upthebaldies
    Baldies 2200 - Upthebaldies
    Bronze Kettle - Ace Kid Farms
    Orki Des Laventia - Southbrook
    Polish Exit - Polish Stables
    Poison Streak - Ute Park Racing
    Jw Manpreet - J Woods

    Juvenile Classic Championship F - Gr1
    Jw Tess Zero - J Woods
    Winx (AUS) - Ghozty
    Blue Ribbon (POL) - Polish Stables
    Monsoon Fire - Southbrook
    Baldies Grey Day - Upthebaldies
    Szewinska - Polish Stables
    Deep Purple (AUS) - Great Western Stable
    Accra - Northern Farms
    Thunder Hoof - Upthebaldies
    Wannabe Good - Southbrook
    Latata - Black Lotus

    Triple Crown Sprint Championship 3Y C
    Darkened Spirit - Southbrook
    Majestic Silver - Ace Kid Farms
    Passing Moment - Ghozty
    Dont Go - Roaddog Stables
    Baldies No Gears - Upthebaldies

    Kentucky Derby Classic Championship 4 - 7Y C
    Persian Sceptre - Fell View
    Brown Eyed Royale - Black Lotus
    The Lassiters - Mckinleys
    Persian Star - Fell View
    Purple Reign - Ace Kid Farms
    Dark Web - Slim Pickings
    Dash N Dine - Ghozty
    Beers Are On Me - Ghozty
    Down In Front - Ace Kid Farms
    Hrc Warren Place - Upthebaldies

    Kentucky Fillies Classic Championship 4 - 7Y F
    Gatlinburg - Ace Kid Farms
    Jeju Paradise - Southbrook
    Decalcomanie - Black Lotus
    Tone Deaf - Great Western Stable
    Blackpink - Black Lotus
    Rare Classic - Upthebaldies

    We wish every runner every possible success in winning their race tonight!

    The Team