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#1 - Jul 28, 18 - 16:08
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    Tonight concludes the Championship Series on over a stayer distance.

    These horses represent the finest racehorses in the virtual horse racing community. Each of them have proven themselves to be capable in terms of endurance and stamina. The stayer championships may prove to be the toughest of all the distances because they require more patience than speed as the horses race towards the Winner's Circle.

    Tonight may be the conclusion of this season's Championship Series, but it also represents the culmination of months of training for the ultimate champion in the virtual horseracing community.

    We wish every competitor the best in their Championship Series finals - and thank everyone for their participation.

    Juvenile Stayers Championship C
    Keyser Soze (AUS) - Great Western Stable
    Red Shannon - Leitrim Vale
    Tiger Man - Fell View
    Ono No Ono - Onoonoflyers
    The Vampire - Ghozty
    Philosopher - Ghozty
    Polish Exit - Polish Stables
    Orki Des Laventia - Southbrook
    Singing Voyage - Upthebaldies
    Bronze Kettle - Ace Kid Farms
    Safe Twist - Upthebaldies
    Harhan - Great Western Stable
    Polokonig - Polish Stables
    Tifl - Fell View

    Juvenile Stayers Championship F
    Monsoon Fire - Southbrook
    Sea Of Class - Polish Stables
    Baldies Diamond - Upthebaldies
    Becster 28 - Ghozty
    Jw Tess Zero - J Woods
    Miss Of Poland - Polish Stables
    Yankee Eyes (AUS) - Great Western Stable
    Watch My Back Guy - Upthebaldies
    Wannabe Good - Southbrook
    Metal Petals - Northern Farms
    Lukara - Fell View
    Sonador (AUS) - Great Western Stable

    Triple Crown Stayers Championship 3Y C
    Notify - Ute Park Racing
    Black Stokes - Southbrook
    Book Of Gold - Fell View
    Dubai Blaze - Upthebaldies
    Irish Smile - Ace Kid Farms
    Jw Spiced Ranger - J Woods
    Performer (AUS) - Great Western Stable
    Boom Flash Bay - Great Western Stable

    Triple Crown Stayers Championship 3Y F
    Hidden Valley - Southbrook
    Baldies Bored - Upthebaldies
    Sugar Rush (AUS) - Great Western Stable

    Arlington Gold Cup 4 - 7Y C
    Elblakco - Fell View
    Zephyrus Eclipse - kayTee Stable
    Pinoy Elixir - DoctorTurf
    E Z Come E Z Go - Black Lotus
    Beers Are On Me - Ghozty
    Headbutt - Ghozty
    Synthesize - Roaddog Stables
    Stay On Track - Polish Stables

    Arlington Gold Cup 4 - 7Y F
    Upthebaldies - Upthebaldies
    South Jeolla - Southbrook
    Macka Lite - Chrisman
    Beautiful Harvest - Black Lotus
    Snowballs Day - Mckinleys

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