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    Get Ready for the Maiden Championships!

    If you’re not already a fan of the Maiden Championships, you’re about to become one!

    The Maiden Championships literally kick-start the juveniles into racing gear from the first day of the season.

    More than just an opportunity for the two-year-olds to race in sponsored races; those races have the colts and fillies running in more races than what they ever might have seen were it not for the Maiden Championships. Before the introduction of the Maiden Championships, the two-year-old horse population would languish in luxury waiting for the right race to appear. If there is one thing that nature abhors more than a vacuum it’s a horse that languishes. That’s why we invented retirement!

    The Maiden Championship probably over caters for your horses’ preferences because there is a qualifying race running every single day over a sprint, classic, or stayer distance. If your horse is particularly pedantic about tracks and goings – their conditions will probably present themselves within a three-day rotation. Personally, we think you should just race your horses with pedantic preferences over a similar track just to see how it performs. Racing your horse over less than ideal conditions also builds character.

    The Maiden Championships are sponsored with US$7,800.00 Bonus Credits. Each of the six daily Qualifiers are sponsored with US$100.00 Bonus Credits and each of the Maiden Championship finals are sponsored with US$300.00 Bonus Credits. The more you race, the more you stand to win!

    The Maiden Championships offers you all the excitement of’s Championship Series compressed into thirteen days of nonstop virtual horse racing!

    Maiden Championships Simplified
    Any G1 2Y horse is eligible.
    There’s no win requirement.
    Supplementary fees required.
    Run the same horse in 5 qualifiers - get US$50.00 Bonus Credits back.
    Winning the Triple Crown in the Maiden Championships doubles your earnings!’s Maiden Championships are run in the same way as the seasonal Championship Series. You need to earn enough points to qualify for the Maiden Championship finals; alternatively you could compete in the consolation races.

    Are you ready for the Maiden Championships?

    The Team