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#1 - Sep 05, 18 - 10:43
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    When You Were A Rookie on!

    There are few places in the world where you can experience the thrill of virtual horse racing except on!

    It can be a daunting ride at first; a bit like learning how to ride a bicycle, but once you find your balance it literally is like learning how to ride a bicycle. You might fall off a few times, endure a few scrapes, and quite possibly feel like quitting entirely. That’s fine, that’s what makes you human. It also makes you a quitter, but that’s also human too.

    Obviously, there is no room for quitters on, so we would like to know what made you stay the course and go the distance in the most competitive virtual horse racing community in the world?

    There are many people who think that the “game” is just a game and can be mastered as effortlessly as rolling a six on a board game. You know that it requires a little more skill to master the game than a simple roll of the dice. If it was that easy you would probably have to roll the dice 100,000 times just to see the same horse come out of the Sales Ring. Now that would be a stretch of one’s imagination and patience!

    We do know that most trainers who joined have always wanted to own, train, and race their own race horses against like-minded enthusiasts. Unfortunately owning a real-life racehorse requires commitment, persistence, and often at considerable expense. Virtual horse racing affords you the opportunity to own your own race horses without the daily commitment that real horses demand. It’s the best of both worlds.

    Still, it does take a special kind of person to sign-up for virtual horse racing at, and an exceptional kind of person to persist beyond the initial hurdles to graduate from being a virtual rooking towards becoming a virtual horse racing devotee. An exceptional person like you!

    We would like you to share your rookie experiences so that present and future rookies can grow to become virtual horse racing virtuosos like yourself. So please share your rookie experiences with us by answering the following questions:

    1: How long were you a rookie before becoming an intermediate stable?
    2: What was your biggest challenge as a rookie?
    3: What advice would you give rookies to master their game? 4: Which trainer helped mentor you through your rookie races?
    5: What is your next goal and how are you go to achieve it?

    We look forward to reading and sharing your experiences with the community!

    The team