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    Write About The Right Stuff on!

    Trainers respect trainers who have opinions about the future of virtual horse racing.

    It always makes for interesting reading to see what trainers are most passionate about, especially when they share their expert opinion on an aspect of virtual horse racing that they are most passionate about. It could be anything from Claimers to Championships or from trainers to training. An enthusiastic editorial from passionate players always makes for the best reading. That’s why we’re putting out a call for aspirant writers to submit their articles to the Member Support Team for consideration for publication. encourages all players enthusiastic about writing to submit their articles via email.

    Writing articles is harder than it looks; so even one article a week would be welcome. Ideally, we would like to publish one article a day on a regular basis from a trainer whose knowledge of virtual horse racing is second to none. If your time doesn’t allow you to commit to a weekly article, a regular monthly or seasonal article will still a regular feature in the forums and shared in the weekly Track Tabloid.

    Ideally, articles need to be unbiased, informative, and entertaining. You are welcome to express your personal opinion provided your opinion is fair and impartial. Your articles need to be grammatically correct, free of objectionable content. We’re not looking for a literary masterpiece but a readable article that will be appreciated by all readers.

    Your content also needs to sell the virtual horse racing dream to potential members who’ve never heard about virtual horse racing, as we re-publish articles through our blog, therefore your articles need to accentuate the positive aspects of virtual horse racing because a potential member is more inclined to join the virtual horse racing community when they read the positive aspects of the community rather than the negative.

    The Championship Series is our highlight so it is our primary focus. Thereafter it is open season on any topic that will appeal to the community. To avoid duplication we encourage writers to create a niche for themselves so readers know exactly what to expect from them.

    If you just want to write a once off article about horse racing you are welcome to email it to us. We will publish it and the community will certainly appreciate it.

    If you’re interested in becoming a full-time or part-time writer we can assist you with content, formatting and even pay you for your articles.

    Want to start writing for - simply submit your articles to Member Support!

    The Team