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#1 - Sep 14, 18 - 12:54
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    FALL REBATE! - Get up to 25% back on your cash spent!

    This weekend, Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th of September 2018, for 48 hours only, get up to 25% of your cash spent at back in bonus credits!

    The rebate percentage you will receive is based on the cumulative amount of cash you spend at during the promotion period as follows:

    Cash Spent
    Rebate %
    US$0.01 to US$99.99
    US$88.65 cash spent at = US$4.43 back in bonus credits
    US$100.00 to US$299.99
    US$262.41 cash spent at = US$26.24 back in bonus credits
    US$300.00 to US$499.99
    US$479.50 cash spent at = US$95.90 back in bonus credits
    US$500.00 +
    US$2,314.76 cash spent at = US$578.69 back in bonus credits

    The rebate applies to cash spent on new horse purchases from the sales ring, new silk purchases, equipment purchases, stabling fees, supplementary fees, race entries, claimers, and auction entries.


    Leaf the competition behind - Get Your Rebate Now!

    Terms and Conditions Apply