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#1 - Sep 21, 18 - 10:48
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    Connect With Your Friends on Mobile Through!

    One of the greatest advantages of living in a world of hyper-connectivity is that we are always connected.

    Global news can go viral within seconds, you can have takeout dinners delivered to your door without even going through a drive-through, and you can connect with friends instantly - and in real-time.

    An additional advantage for the virtual horse racing community is that you don't even need to leave the comfort of your bed to manage your stable.'s mobile interface allows you to buy, train, and race, your horses through your smartphone. It's literally like like living in the realm of science fiction!

    Hyper-connectivity just got better because the developers have enhanced the Refer A Friend program so that you can invite your friends to join the virtual horse racing community through your phone. And, it is as effortless as clicking’s convenient Refer A Friend.

    Plus you get up to US$100.00 credits for every friend that you refer!

    The new mobile interface for the Refer A Friend program is simple, effortless, and mutually rewarding.

    You don't have to spend a cent, they don't have to spend a cent (unless they really want to), and you both benefit from each other's company in the virtual horse racing community. If you love horse racing then there is a strong possibility that your friends might enjoy it too.

    Refer your friends by simply sending them an email. Just make sure that they register with the same email address to which you send them this email. The Refer A Friend program will take care of the rest. - and you could earn yourself US$100.00. Now that’s going to strengthen any friendship!

    Referring a friend to really is the gift that keeps on giving!

    The Team