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#1 - Sep 21, 18 - 11:36
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    Which Trainers Inspire You on is undeniably the most competitive virtual horse racing community on earth.

    We know it, you know it, and so does everyone else who has ever tried to race a horse online. We wouldn't have it any other way, and we know that you wouldn't either. There is something admirable about challenging one's self and rising to the occasion. It doesn't matter how many times you fall that matters but how many times you pick yourself up and climb back into the saddle.

    Every trainer who joined joined as a rookie with little to no knowledge of what to expect that they could buy, train, and race, their virtual horses against other players around the world. Some trainers found the challenge too much to bear and gave up, while others persistently refused to be defeated. Many found that they needed more than a good horse to win a race because it took skill and strategy to beat the odds. Some trainers learnt this the hard way, others had an instinctive approach to virtual horse racing.

    Some of those trainers developed such an aptitude for virtual horse racing that they were soon leaders of the pack and were inspiring the community to race just a little harder, push their stables a little further, and ultimately grow the game just a little bit bigger. They are the icons of virtual horse racing who became an inspiration to future generations of in the community.

    We are looking to the past, present, and future, of virtual horse racing by asking you which trainers inspired in the past when you joined, which trainer currently inspires you, and which new player you think will become an inspiration for future generations.

    Just copy and paste the following into your post with the names of trainers who inspired you:

    Past Inspiration:
    Present Inspiration:
    Future Inspiration:

    We looking forward to sharing your responses with the community!

    The Team