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#1 - Oct 02, 18 - 11:39
    Digi - Editorial

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    Horse of the Day on!

    The horse of the day is an exciting initiative by the team to acknowledge the highest earning colts and fillies of the day. Don’t worry that it may sound like the Tack Shop’s ‘soup of the day’ because the Race Programmer just wanted to see the best colts and fillies getting their fifteen minutes of fame where the whole community would notice theirs on their racing victories.

    You will find the top colt and filly of the day displayed in two headers on your Owner page. In addition to the horse’s name, each header will include information about their winnings, their winning race, and also their owner’s name.

    It’s a great feature to highlight the biggest win of the day by horse, earnings, race, and owner.

    It’s also a dynamic feature because while it highlights the best win of the day, it will automatically update if another horse wins a more lucrative race.

    Life may be tough at the top but maybe you just need to race in in more lucrative races!

    The Team