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#1 - Feb 18, 19 - 13:53
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    Enter the World Championship Day Races!

    The World Championship Day races add that final finishing touch to the Championship Series.

    They’re a bit like a virtual cheese platter to conclude a sumptuous feast of championship racing. One doesn’t really need any more races after the Championships Series, but a little indulgence is good for the soul, and your stable.

    The World Championship Day races aren’t just for championship contenders, although they are closely linked to the Championship Series, because all horses and grades are eligible to enter them. They were originally programmed to create a racing opportunity for all the Championship Series contenders that didn’t qualify for the championship finals. Trainers whose horses didn’t make the final field sometimes maintained that had their horses qualified, they would have had as good a chance as any other to have won the final. The World Championship Day races afforded them an opportunity to race their contenders against the most competitive horses of the season.

    An additional element that added to the excitement of the World Championship Day races was that trainers could watch champions of different ages competing against each other. Winning a championship is a monumental accomplishment in its own right, but beating all the other Champion Series winners of a season is equally gratifying.

    The World Championship Day races are the perfect way to unwind after the season because they are a fun-filled, feisty final hurrah at the end of the season. In addition to bridging the gap between the championships and the new season, they’re a tonic to counteract the anti-climax that follows the final championship race. The World Championship Day races are the after-parties for the virtual horse racing community.

    The World Championship Day WFAs are as integral to the Championship Series as a horse and a saddle, supplementary fees and Qualifiers. In many ways they are a rite of passage.

    Enter the World Championship Day races today!

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