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#1 - Mar 19, 19 - 07:17
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    BHM & RAR Discontinued, Race Schedule Extended to 7 Days & Stabling Fees Discounted!

    We are pleased to inform trainers that the following enhancements have been made:

    • BHM & RAR to be Discontinued

    In response to member feedback, the decision has been made to discontinue BHM Division racing and the Request A Race feature. The motivation behind this decision is to streamline the Race Program and to encourage bigger field sizes which will benefit everyone who is actively involved in virtual horse racing.

    • Race Schedule Extended for 7 Days

    To assist you in planning your races ahead of time, the Race Schedule and search function will be extended to seven days so that you can find and enter appropriate races with a longer lead-time. You can literally enter your horses into their ideal races a week ahead of time.

    • Stabling Fee Discounts

    Currently, all stabling fees are discounted by US$0.50 per race. This discount will be applied to all race entries regardless if they run or not. We recognize the fact that trainers try to reduce their stabling fees by actively racing their horses, and we feel that regardless if a race runs or not, your endeavours deserve to be rewarded. We believe this will also contribute towards fuller fields.

    • BONUS: Reactivate All Your Pending Horses for Free!

    While we want to stimulate racing, we don't want you to incur any costs reactivating your pending horses, so we've zero-rated all stabling fees for pending horses. Simply reactivate their sibling fee by clicking the red reactivation icon alongside their name. All of the above-mentioned changes will take place with immediate effect.

    We hope that you appreciate the new enhancements, and invite you to share your feedback here.

    The Team